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The North Carolina Association of EMS Administrators is a professional organization for individuals within the state who are engaged in directing and managing Emergency Medical Services.

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11-Nov-14 11-12-2014 EMS Advisory Council Meeting Documents
12-May-14 2014 Summer Leadership Symposium (Registration Link)
12-May-14 05-13-2014 EMS Advisory Council Meeting Documents
1-May-14 MIH NCAEMSA 4-17 Abridged (Power Point)
1-May-14 Myers MIHP Morninf (PDF)
1-May-14 NCHRC  CCNC Draft EMS LEO Presentation (Power Point)
1-May-14 NCOEMS Admin - Combined Final (Power Point)
1-May-14 Winter NCAEMSA Meeting 2-14-2014 ( Power Point)
(8-Apr-14) 10A NCAC 13P consolidated v2.pdf
(8-Apr-14) Revisions to 10A NCAC 13P based on public comment and recommendations of the EMSAC rules revision task force
(28-Dec-13 ) 2014 Winter Leadership Symposium
(6-Dec-13 ) The Medicine We Practice
(6-Dec-13 ) Cumberland County Psychiatric Patient Solution
(6-Dec-13 ) Mobile Integrated Healthcare Summit
(6-Dec-13 ) Roger Barnes Medicaid Presentation
(31-Oct-13 ) Advisory Council Meeting Documents
( 08-May-13 ) 2013 Summer Conference Registration
( 08-May-13 ) Advisory Council Meeting Documents
( 24-Apr-13 ) First Responder Resuscitation Academy (.pdf file)
May 14-15, 2013
Durham, NC
Page 3 is a Flyer
( 13-Mar-13 ) Congratulations 2013 EMS Management Institute Graduates.pdf
( 12-Mar-13 ) The Steps to CAAS - Meeting the Gold Standard - NCAEMSA Presentation 2-2013.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) Medics are not Disposable, Fit Responder.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) EMSPIC Presentation to NCAEMSA Feb2013b.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) Establishing a Compliance Program.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) Medical Director Update.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) NC Broker System.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) RACECARS.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) Reimbursement Update.pdf
( 30-Jan-13 ) February 2013 EMS Advisory Council Package.pdf
( 19-Dec-12 ) Winter Conference Registration
( 1-Nov-12 ) Memo to Advisory Council 11-13-2012.pdf
( 1-Nov-12 ) NCAEMSA Code of Standards of Conduct.pdf
( 1-Nov-12 ) NCAEMSA Bylaws Revised 2013.pdf
( 19-Oct-12 ) RFP for non-emergency Medicaid Transport
( 25-Aug-12 )   OEMS Presentation from summer conference  ( Power Point )
( 4-Aug-12 )  Advisory Council Meeting Documents 
(21-Apr-10) Letter of Support to HRSA Announcement Number: HRSA-10-062, EMSC Targeted Issues -- EMS and Pediatric Trauma: A North Carolina Population Based Performance Improvement Intervention and Evaluation Using Multiple Linked Database.  
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(21-Apr-10) The NCAEMSA website has moved from our gracious long time host at Rowan County NC to Verio webhosting.  This move allows the association to have more options and capabilities including domain email and some web services that were previously not available.
(20-Nov-08) A revised copy of the association bylaws (in PDF format) has been posted.  Click here to view or download.
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