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The North Carolina Association of EMS Administrators is a professional organization for individuals within the state who are engaged in directing and managing Emergency Medical Services.

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02-Feb-2015 02-10-2015 EMS Advisory Council Meeting Documents
12-Nov-14 2015 Winter Conference Registration Link
12-Nov-14 Community Paramedicine Documents
11-Nov-14 11-12-2014 EMS Advisory Council Meeting Documents
12-May-14 2014 Summer Leadership Symposium (Registration Link)
12-May-14 05-13-2014 EMS Advisory Council Meeting Documents
1-May-14 MIH NCAEMSA 4-17 Abridged (Power Point)
1-May-14 Myers MIHP Morninf (PDF)
1-May-14 NCHRC  CCNC Draft EMS LEO Presentation (Power Point)
1-May-14 NCOEMS Admin - Combined Final (Power Point)
1-May-14 Winter NCAEMSA Meeting 2-14-2014 ( Power Point)
(8-Apr-14) 10A NCAC 13P consolidated v2.pdf
(8-Apr-14) Revisions to 10A NCAC 13P based on public comment and recommendations of the EMSAC rules revision task force
(28-Dec-13 ) 2014 Winter Leadership Symposium
(6-Dec-13 ) The Medicine We Practice
(6-Dec-13 ) Cumberland County Psychiatric Patient Solution
(6-Dec-13 ) Mobile Integrated Healthcare Summit
(6-Dec-13 ) Roger Barnes Medicaid Presentation
(31-Oct-13 ) Advisory Council Meeting Documents
( 08-May-13 ) 2013 Summer Conference Registration
( 08-May-13 ) Advisory Council Meeting Documents
( 24-Apr-13 ) First Responder Resuscitation Academy (.pdf file)
May 14-15, 2013
Durham, NC
Page 3 is a Flyer
( 13-Mar-13 ) Congratulations 2013 EMS Management Institute Graduates.pdf
( 12-Mar-13 ) The Steps to CAAS - Meeting the Gold Standard - NCAEMSA Presentation 2-2013.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) Medics are not Disposable, Fit Responder.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) EMSPIC Presentation to NCAEMSA Feb2013b.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) Establishing a Compliance Program.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) Medical Director Update.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) NC Broker System.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) RACECARS.pdf
( 19-Feb-13 ) Reimbursement Update.pdf
( 30-Jan-13 ) February 2013 EMS Advisory Council Package.pdf
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